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To aid and speed up support for technical cases Bigthinka uses Remote Assitance software, which allows an engineer to control the computer over the internet. This helps our engineer to diagnose and fix the problem quickly, without having to visit the premises.

Remote PC Control

As long as your computer is still connecting to the internet, the easiest thing for Bigthinka to do is to take control of your computer as though we were on site sitting in front of the PC. To be able to do this all that is required is a download of ‘Remote PC Control’ software, to download click the link below:

Download Remote PC Control


Using Remote PC Control

You are always in control of when connections can be made, until you create the connection the software does not allow anybody access to your computer. Once connected you can watch the engineers actions on the screen as they repair the problem.

Once downloaded and bigthinka has been contacted to arrange the connetion, all that is needed to allow control of your PC is for you to start a connection. This process is described below.

Connecting Remote PC Control

To do this you should start the bigthinka.exe program you have just downloaded to your PC by double clicking the




You will then see the following screen:

Make the connection by double clicking the ‘Connect to BigThinka’ option in the top of the list on the left: (As highlighted by arrow)

Your computer will try to connect to BigThinka for 5 minutes and the connection will be accepted by our engineer. Until the connection is ended by yourself or our engineer, both our engineer and yourself will see what is on the computers screen and and be able to control your mouse and keyboard.

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