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Problems sending e-mail on Sky broadband ?

Bigthinka provides SMTP services especially for Sky Broadband customers called Sky SMTP allowing sending of emails with non sky email addresses and preserving the correct sender address, exactly as it worked before you switched to Sky Broadband.

Setting up an Account

It only takes a few changes to your email program to get up and running, once you have signed up, your account details will be sent to you by email as soon as your account has been created and is ready to use.

Our services will work with any SMTP email application on your PC, Phone or Tablet, all thats required is some configuration changes. Step by step instructions to setup your client or device can be found in our support section here

SkySMTP works with all iPhones,iPads and Android devices as well as mail all Windows/Mac/Linux mail applications such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora and Apple Mail.

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How does a BigThinka SMTP account help me ?

When Sky broadband users try to send emails via the Sky.com/Google SMTP servers the senders email address must end with @sky.com address or the sender field is automatically amended to something like this:

SkyUserName <[email protected]> on behalf of DomainUserName <[email protected]

This forces replies to your emails to be sent to the @sky.com account. For many people this is undesirable as you want people to reply to your existing business domain or personal email address, you don't want the recipient to see or reply to the @sky.com address. Many people are not even collecting their emails from the @sky.com email address, so this means you don't get the replies to your emails!.

Bigthinka Solutions 

Bigthinka provides two SMTP services,

Free SMTP 

A free service for personal use, allowing you to send from one non @sky.com email address. Sign Up


A business grade solution for people that depend on a reliable roaming SMTP service either at home or at work. This service is professionally hosted on highly available servers. You may use this type of account for more than one non @sky.com email address. It costs £5.00 per year, thats less than 42p a month! most other roaming SMTP service providers charge £14 per year or more!. Sign Up

Roaming SMTP 

Though our SMTP services were originally created for Sky users you can use our services to send mail when connected on any network, not only Sky, for example VirginMedia or 3. Our SMTP services are accessible when you are connected to the internet regardless of how or who you use. 

There is another advantage to using a SMTP account from BigThinka. Many ISP's restrict SMTP traffic(on port 25) so that it must connect through their own servers, this means you have to find out and change your SMTP settings whenever you connect to a different ISP's network. Our SMTP services let you use one set of settings from any location whether out and about using internet hotspots, using your friends or company network. This is made possible by our services using special ports(26 and 6000) that ISPs don't restrict. 

SMTP for mobile devices 

You can also use your Sky SMTP account from your mobile devices, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets when connected at any location via WIFI or Mobile Internet.


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