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This article explains what to do if your using a free freeserve/wanadoo/orange email account and suddenly don't receive any emails from you fsnet.co.uk or freeserve.co.uk account.

Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange, whats it called now?

First of all I should point out that Freeserve has had a number of name changes first to wanadoo and more recently it was bought by Orange, the mobile phone operator, this does not change your email address or any other details. It just means the webpage you go to manage your account now has the Orange logo on it and I will refer to them by their new name "Orange" on this page.

Emails have stopped arriving, whats going on?

If you have a problem getting emails from the Orange email server, there are a few common things it could be

* your firewall or security software is preventing the connection

* Orange switched off the server name you used that worked previously, so you must adjust your settings

* your account has been temporarily deactivated. This can occur when Orange changes the terms and conditions of the pay as you go account or when they detect that you have not dialled into their account for sometime.

What you need to do: 

Step 1 

First it's a good idea to login to orange webmail with your account, it's possible they will ask you for some extra required information like a non orange email account and setup a security question. To login click the link below you will need to enter in the username box your freeserve email address ie. 







eg. if bruce willis had a freeserve account it might look like this:

[email protected]


and enter your password in the password field: 

here: https://email.orange.co.uk/   and come back here for Step 2 once you have logged in to your webmail successfully.

Step 2 

Ok so now you know you can get in to your account from webmail you know for sure your username and password. Next we need to check why you can't connect from your email client application. Go into the email application settings and find the section that contains details for connecting to the server, Normally this is called "Account Settings" -> "Server Settings" make sure the following is set:

Email server: POP3

POP server (incoming): pop.orangehome.co.uk

POP server port: 110 

secure password authentication: no

You should not adjust your SMTP outgoing server settings for sending mail as you should be using your current Internet Service Providers SMTP server settings OR using an alternative non orange SMTP service like our free or pro SMTP service . You should only use Orange SMTP server settings if you are an Orange broadband customer .

Now you should check your username is set correctly, it is the end part of your email address, your username must NOT include the <email_mailbox_name>@ part so








in the Bruce Willis example we used earlier it would be:


Once you have done this you can retry fetching email, if you changed something you will be asked for you password again. Hopefully you should start receiving your emails.

If Still not working Step 3

First double check the settings are definately correct, then if they are try the following 

Click the link “Start Reactivate Email Account” link at bottom of page and you will be shown the following orange login page


Enter your freeserve/orange email email address following the pattern [email protected]<YOURDOMAIN>.freeserve.co.uk in the "email address" field (for example if your email address is [email protected] enter [email protected])

Enter your account password in the "password" field (this is case sensitive)

Click the "Sign In" button at the bottom right of the page

Once you have logged in you should see the following page:


 if you do not see the page above click the "restore intenet account" option

once you do have the page above you will need to accept the terms and conditions and click "continue" button, then you shall see this page:



When you see this page your details have been accepted and you have reactivated your account. There is no need to continue with any of the options displayed on the page that is displayed after clicking the next button. You can close your browser window at this point. 

If you now click send and receive in your email client any waiting emails should now download.


Start Reactivate Email Account


Last Resort

BigThinka is not associated in anyway with Orange so we are unable to help you reset your password or help access your account other than what is described on this page. Orange provide a helpline which is best to call during office hours but be warned is charged per minute: 

0844 873 8586

free from an Orange pay monthly phone:



*Calls from an Orange Home Phone are free. Calls from a BT landline or your second line (if you have one) cost 5.1p a minute. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes

correct as of 10th Febuary 2013 here: http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/personal/contacting-us/home-broadband 

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