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Google Chrome Slow DNS Resolving Print

It has come to our attention that Google Chrome takes a very long time to resolve DNS names when you have more than one network interface active.


When browsing to pages Chrome takes a long time to load the screen and in the bottom left you see a message

'Resolving Host ...'

for some time. 


  • Go to "Start->Settings->Network Connections"
  • Right click any Network interface that you are not using that is active, even if unplugged, and select "Disable" from the list
You should find that Chrome no longer gets stuck for a long time with the 'Resolving Host ...' message. 
If this doesn't help check that your Hard Drive doesn't need defragging, we have noticed that this problem can be caused by fragmented Chrome DNS cache file. Once defragged backup your bookmarks then uninstall and reinstall Chrome. 
It got rid of the problem for us, and Chrome is definitely our favourite browser again.


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